Cre8 Joinery Solutions now FSC® / PEFC certified

Fri, 2013-02-22


Welcome to the February newsletter from Cre8 Joinery Solutions, based in Abridge, Essex and delivering high-end, award winning joinery throughout the London region and across the UK.
This month we’ve been making some significant investments in terms of both staff and facilities. 
We’re also very proud to say that we are now FSC®  (Forest Stewardship Council®) / PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified to ensure compliance with the Government’s timber procurement policy.

Experienced staff with unrivaled expertise…

For starters a new face has joined our factory management team: Peter Blair. 
For 20 years Peter was a Joinery Manager with Swift Horsman. Following its collapse Peter has come on board to assist in the restructuring of our manufacturing process and to help us implement our continued investment in the latest, up-to-the-minute production machinery. We believe that by utilising Peter’s expertise, and with some more robust systems in place, we’ll be able to pass the benefits on to our clients by improving quality of work still further.
Peter will be working closely with Manufacturing Manager Michael Brookes, who joined Cre8 last year, to form a team of unrivalled expertise and experience.
In other staff news we are also very pleased to say that we have also added David Crosfield as our new Head of Purchasing.
And there is a another new member of ‘team Cre8’ on the way!  Lauren Bunker our highly valuable Admin & Technical Assistant for the last nine years is expecting her first child. I am sure you will join us in wishing her well on this exciting new chapter in her life!

State of the art production and storage facilities…

We’re also very proud of our new 6000sq ft storage facility, which allows for seven metre high pallet racks that can accommodate a total of 470 pallets. 
The cantilever pallet racking that has been installed can take pallets weighing up to 2000kg each and a pallet depth of up to 1850mm. In fact it can accommodate 470 No 1200mm wide individual pallet positions.
We are now awaiting delivery of a new 3.5-ton diesel forklift that can lift up to 7.5 metres high.
Our revamped Joinery Unit is nearly 10,000 sq feet of production area spread over two levels.
This is being combined with our newly installed Bistrack management system, which can, at the press of a button, provide an accurate indication of stock levels and track work at all stages of production.
On top of this we have another 1200sq ft of ‘goods out’ premises that is currently undergoing renovation to allow for a dedicated goods out storage location.
Another new addition is our new heated spray facility, incorporating a 5.5m wide backed inverter controlled spray booth. Thanks to an internal height of 3.0 metres we are now able to deal with larger components. The heat element is provided by our biomass boiler, which produces heat from burning our waste timber and off-cuts.
As if the above wasn’t impressive enough in terms of re-investment in the business, Cre8 Joinery Solutions also purchased a large amount of high-end joinery production machinery this month from an auction held of goods previously owned by the defunct Swift Horsman. Among the items we’ve invested in are a veneer guillotine, a veneer stitcher and a four sided moulding machine. In a nutshell these items will allow us to produce high-end veneer work and solid timber frames with more accuracy and to be more economical in our production methods.

Jobs completed in the past month: Splunk and Vedder Price

In association with Bluu Solutions, Cre8 Joinery provided the stunning joinery work for a project for the London office of US legal practice Vedder Price, which has relocated to 4 Coleman Street. The London office was established in October 2011 and in 2012 had grown to a size large enough to warrant the firm investing in a long term lease and fit-out of new space. 
Called upon to help deliver a high-class finish, Cre8 provided all the walnut work, together with a black tea point, a limestone desk, plus all doors and frames.
In association with Morgan Lovell Cre8 Joinery Solutions also helped provide the finishing touches to a funky and creative state of the art office fit out for new media and software company ‘Splunk’, whose customers include Goldman Sachs and LinkedIn.
The instantly memorable name ‘Splunk’ is a reference to exploring caves, as in ‘spelunking’ (more commonly known as potholing in the UK). The project further required we use our bespoke joinery skills to create a theme for each office. For example one theme was a garage under the arches in the style of Eastenders, whilst a second office was designed to include Dr Who’s Tardis, along with other icons of the famed sci-fi TV series. Another was been designed to look like a carriage of a tube train. In each case, our exacting standards and attention to detail came to the fore to enable us to carry off such a fun, cool, yet challenging brief.