While others are contracting, Cre8 Joinery Solutions is expanding!

Tue, 2013-04-02

While others are contracting, Cre8 Joinery Solutions is expanding!
In challenging times for the construction industry, the award winning Cre8 Joinery Solutions is bucking the trend. 
Whilst its high profile competitors in Swift Horsman and Killby & Gayford have gone to the wall, Cre8 Joinery has taken on new equipment – some of it from Swift Horsman – new staff – again from Swift Horsman in the shape of Joinery Manager Peter Blair, whilst David Crosfield is our new Head of Purchasing – plus expanded its own premises with a new state-of-the-art storage facility. As we mentioned in last month’s e-newsletter, this covers some 6000sq ft and features seven metre high storage racks that can accommodate up to 470 pallets. 
All of the above have enabled Cre8 Joinery Solutions to be in the perfect position to come to the aid of valued customers and clients who have been let down by the two big recent failures of Swift Horsman and Killby & Gayford.
“Nobody likes to hear of a business going to the wall – even if it's a competitor,” says Cre8’s Managing Director Phillip Gay. “Having said that, we have been able to gain some of our competitors’ expertise in the shape of a new staff member for Cre8 and also cherry pick some state of the art equipment at auction. Both have allowed us to bolster our own very competitive, high end and award winning joinery offering. We’re primed and ready for an upswing in business.”
In case you missed our e-newsletter for February, Cre8 Joinery Solutions is also very proud to say that we are now FSC  (Forest Stewardship Council) / PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) certified to ensure compliance with the Government’s timber procurement policy.
To take advantage of the expertise and skill set of a business that is going places – quite literally, with projects extending from the City of London to the glass towers of Dubai – call us on UK +44 (0)845 470 3000 now to discuss your own requirements!